Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good food and tea

We heard one lecture by Daniela Cubelic of Silk Road. She talked about the different kinds of tea and where they are grown. I bought a large box of oolong that the seller said was grown on his family's farm in Taiwan. It is delicious. The next day we went to Murchies for presents and some hearty blends for breakfast.
I hadn't really thought about the date when I planned this trip. It was Valentine's Day and everwhere was packed for dinner. We ended up at a so-so Greek place.

But we found a restaurant we liked so much that we went there twice, once for lunch and the next night for dinner. Le Bon Rouge Bistro. I couldn't figure out why they played American music like Sinatra. The onion soup and steak frites were fabulous and the creme brulee, ahh, bliss.

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