Monday, March 23, 2009

Jane and the Victoria Bug Zoo

On our last day we went to the Victoria Bug Zoo. I was reluctant to go at first figuring it would be a touristy place but it was fantastic. The tour guide took the bugs out and let us hold some of them.

I held a giant centipede and a leaf walking stick. I like bugs and was excited to hold them.

That little tarantula ( I know spider not bug) is Jane who is 8 years old, so old she has lost the hair on her back. When the guide took her out I froze wondering if I had the nerve... I am afraid of spiders. I used to be terrified and would scream very, very louldly when I saw one. I have calmed down considerably over the years. Now, I put a glass over ones in the house and release them outside, but to have one on me, Oh mama. When he asked who wanted to hold her, I held out my hand and I did it! I held a tarantula!

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