Friday, March 20, 2009

Parliment and books

We visited the Parliment building and wanted to take a tour but we missed the last one at 10 am. They were closing the whole building at 11 because the lieutenant-governor was due to arrive to open that session. There was actually a red carpet down the front steps. Lots of soldiers and music and three firings of one of the cannons on the harbor. I don't think they do that when they open Congress.

We also went to Munro's bookstore. I was looking for Canadian or English authors. We used to look for children's clothes particularly all cotton non-treated pj's because we couldn't find them in the U.S.

Munro's was packed. It was hard to move around. I discoverd a new mystery writer: Ann Granger and bought two books: Asking for Trouble and A Rare Interest in Corpses. One is set in the 19th C and one is modern. I liked them both but danger in doing this is finding more back home.

I bought two picture books with great illustrations: True Love by Babette Cole and Little Rabbit's New Baby by Harry Horse

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