Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soothing and refreshing

I tried the Brodies. Those Scots are made of tough stuff. "A mellow blend of quality teas from India, Ceylon and Kenya, soothing and refreshing." Hah! Can something be soothing and refreshing at the same time? Maybe a breeze coming off the ocean, but a cup of very strong tea?

The tea is in bags and is all small pieces. No wonder the Brits take milk and sugar in tea. I like milk in black tea and I like a robust cup in the morning. It's not that I dislike this tea but it's strong and I had to dilute it. There is some quote about the relative strengths of tea around the British Isles, Irish being the best (or worst depending on point of view).

The label on the tin states: "The clipper Isabella brought the first cargo of tea to be landed in Scotland into Leith dock in 1833. Brodies have been importing and blending tea here since 1867". Can that be correct? We had brewed tea in Boston harbor and thrown off the royal yoke by then.

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