Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Folklife Day Three

Drinking iced tea, don't know what kind but it's good.

I skipped Sunday and went kayaking on Lake Washington instead. Perfect day- saw an osprey.

Monday back to Folklife and the best day yet. The best, best group this year was Sankofa, a group of African-American women of various ages. They sang a capella songs of the African-American diaspora. They were fantastic; gorgeous harmonies, powerful voices. This was their first time at Folklife and maybe one of their first performances. I would travel a fair distance to see them again. I signed up for email notifications of upcoming gigs and will post them here.

This was a day of bests. The best, best workshop: Bhangra & Bollywood Dance. What fun dancing around in a crowd like the ones in a Bollywood movie. It's a great work-out, too They have classes in several locations and I am going to check them out.

Another workshop was ok: Play the Didgeridoo, but I now wish I had chosen the flamenco clapping session which was at the same time. The didgeridoo is mildly interesting, in the way a kazoo is interesting. One of the players played with a hip-hop beat.

And last, to end Folklife, I went to the Mozart Requiem Sing where the conductor from the Seattle Peace Chorus did it right. We started at the beginning and sang straight through to the end.

Food eaten: vegetarian phad thai

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