Monday, June 8, 2009

Flu, but not that one

The flu in June! How is that possible? No sore throat or vomiting so it probably wasn't the infamous swine flu. Fever, aches, malaise and nasty cough kept me on the couch from last Sunday through Thursday. Malaise is a wonderful word, just right for a fainting couch. Though I missed a whole week of biking, kayaking and even swimming I don't feel much about it.

It was hot, hot, hot every day. This was record breaking heat. Thursday evening when I was arising from my sick bed a wind storm blew through cooling things by 20 degrees.

Thank goodness for cable. There was a "Burn Notice" marathon every day from 8am to 3pm. Sometimes I toy with just lying there and ruminating. Have you ever noticed how many authors and artists of the past had an illness as a child requiring a long convalescent period? I can't sit for five minutes without something to distract, um, engage my mind.

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