Sunday, June 14, 2009

It is warm enough now for the annual summer project; building a kayak from strips of wood. I bought a kit from Pygmy Kayaks in Port Townsend in 2001. The kit sat in the basement for 6 years. In 2007 the tenant moved from our rental house and I had a clear garage, perfect for a big project.

I started building that summer and then my mother had a series of hospitalizations and crises that ended with her death in October. By that time my father had fallen and entered the hospital to repair a broken hip. He remained in the hospital with increasing ailments until his death in January 2008.

Summer 2008: the boat took shape slowly. It is incredibly difficult to build. It is like sewing where if a seam
doesn't fit, you rip it all out. With this kit the thread was wire. I have always hated sewing for precisely this reason and here I was sewing panels of wood together that would not come together without gaps. Finally I was able to get the pieces together and glued and then the cold of autumn arrived. The garage is unheated. Expoxy doesn't cure well at below 50 degrees.

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