Friday, August 21, 2009

Olympic Music Festival

We had a slightly late start to our trip. Mercedes was up several times during the night with digestive upsets so we wanted to make sure she wasn't seriously ill. We figured she ate something she shouldn't have. The last time it was a wasabi potato chip. That was ugly.

As a result we caught a later ferry into Kingston so didn't stop there for lunch on our way to the Olympic Music Festival. We had to drive to Pt. Hadlock to find a grocery for food and zoom back to the Festival.

The Festival is held on a farm. We chose to sit in the barn where you can see the musicians rather than outside on the hill. Hay bales make pretty good seats. Of the three pieces by Faure, Beethoven and Dvorak, I liked the Beethoven the best. These music lovers were enjoying the sunshine in the lawn seats.

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