Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I get these ideas about things I'd like to do (such as build a kayak). For some time now I've been thinking about learning to spin wool. I saw a woman demonstrating it at Kelsey Creek Farm. It looked so soothing and attractive. And the price of yarn makes knitting anything bigger than a hat a substantial investment

I resisted the idea. There are lots of things I should be doing instead but I found myself looking up spinning wheels on Craig's List. The woman at Kelsey Creek loved her Schacht Matchless wheel and I read other good reviews of it. Cheaper options do exist. This is an upright wheel not the Sleeping Beauty style.

A reasonably price one turned up in West Seattle. The house was set high on a ridge. The sidewalk alone was 15 feet above street level. The woman had five or more spinning wheels. She was trying to cut back. Seated on a stool, I tried to peddle and draw out the yarn at the same time. I couldn't do it. I could barely keep the wheel spinning, so of course, I had to buy it.

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