Saturday, April 10, 2010

More About Bumblebees

I have been reading about bumblebees and I am surprised when the authors describe following bumblebees around to see where they go. The bumblebees around here fly so fast I only know they are there by the passing buzz.  They do stop at flowers, of course, but I see no way of following their flight to find out where they are nesting.
 Bumblebees have been dying off all over the world and no one really knows why. I have seen  more  dead bees this spring than usual. I found two in February. One has rusty fur but I can't identify it from my little bumblebee chart.
PBS recently showed To Have and Have Not. Humphrey Bogart is the epitome of cool. And what does that have to do with bees? "Was you ever been bit by a dead bee?"

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