Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tri Training Day 3: Check your list twice

Today was swim day, by far the easiest for me. The goal was to swim 50 yards (2 laps) and rest 30 secs. Rest? after 2 laps? I don't need no stinkin' rest. I even swam extra laps. A woman was at the opposite end of the lane I chose. She waved her hand, pointing up and down the lane.

What did this mean? She wanted the whole lane to herself? But you have to share lanes during lap swim. When we were at the same end she suggested we each stay in half the lane rather than swimming up one side and down another like a street. Not a bad idea since it means you never have to worry about passing.

The Shoreline pool is very nice. I am sorry to say I've never swum there or took the kids. We mostly swam  in hotel pools and the lake over the years. I packed my little bag with my change of clothes, goggles, waterproof case and shampoo and off I went. Can you spot what's missing?  I realized it when I entered the dressing room and saw a towel hanging on a hook. Hotel pools always provide your towels and the sun provides the drying at the beach.

Paper towels remove quite a bit of water and sweats soak up the rest. I also found myself with a dripping suit but the van usually has a plastic bag or two floating around.

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