Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tri Training Day 4 & 5: Swim, Yay!, Run, Boo!

Sunday and Monday were rest days, although I worked in the garden for most of Monday. Tuesday was a swim day, easy peasy. I bought a 10-swim pass. They made me a plastic swipe card with bar code right there. Technology is amazing.

 But today!  run 1 minute, walk 1 minute x 8, then bike for 30 minutes.   Running for 1 minute puts me in too high a training zone so I walked fast. I wonder how long is allotted for finishing this race?

I waited all day for the rain to end. This meant I had to run and bike from the house rather than going to the Burke-Gilman trail because I had a meeting in the early evening. There are two choices in biking from the house: up or down. It takes seven minutes to bike the eighteen blocks up the incline, two minutes to coast down.

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