Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tri Training Day 6: Alien or insect?

50 yards x 10 in 20 minutes. Not only is swimming the easiest, it takes the least amount of time. I wonder if I could use the rest intervals I am not using for swimming on the running days? Run one minute, rest two or three, maybe stop for a latte.

For triathlons, people enter the water in waves. Each wave wears the same color swimming cap. Today I donned my swimming cap to get used to it. It is made of a lovely, sleek silicon. I think I swam faster.

When I was a girl, swimming caps were de riguer.   Made of rubber with a tight chin strap that snapped,  they were often patterned or adorned with flowers. Our long, luxurious, girl hair was held to be a danger to swimming pool skimmer systems. When boys began
wearing their hair long in the late 60's and early 70's
the swimming cap requirement gradually faded.

Am I claiming discrimination? Why, no, of course not. Obviously, skimmers have evolved to handle all types of hair.

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