Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tri Training Week 3

28 laps=700yards

Here I am in the midst of week three which I love. Why? Because this year I am following the Tri Training plan for a fit beginner from Triathlon Training Basics by Gale Bernhardt.

Last year I followed the training plan for an unfit beginner. The benefit with this plan is that every three weeks you get an easy week with 3 days off! Unfortunately, that means only one swim this week but the days off and easy work-outs are much appreciated.

This year I realize from the beginning that Danskin has a 1/2 mile swim so I am adding laps every week. Last year I followed the plan which was only for 1/4 mile swim and didn't realize it until way late in the training.

And now I see that I actually should have swum 30 laps today. Oh well, it is supposed to be an easy week.

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