Monday, September 17, 2012

Danskin 2012

17:20 Faster!

Small improvements in the Swim and Bike and a big improvement in the Run. Of course, it helps if you actually try to walk fast with some running rather than strolling while chatting. The weather was perfect. It was overcast and a little cool, making the water feel warm. 

I wasn't panicked the night before; I slept well. The actual race is easier to do than you would think. Again I felt a weird aimlessness the afternoon and evening. Last year I was wiped out for two days after. Not this year. 

And after a slow three weeks I am back to working out regularly. Last year I stopped doing anything after the race. 

It is funny how hard it is to relish accomplishments. The first year I just wanted to finish the race. Then I was disappointed that I wasn't faster (and didn't beat my daughter in the Swim). 

This year I wanted to beat my times, which I did by a nice margin. Now? Now I wonder "Couldn't I have swum a little harder, powered through the Bike, run more?"

                    2012                2011

Swim            26:13              28:01
Transition     09:27              12:27
Bike             54:13               58:27
Transition     05:38                5:41          
Run              46:22              54:46            
Total          2:21:54           2:39:14

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