Saturday, November 10, 2012

"A Practical Book for Practical Men"

 We took a trip to Port Townsend November 7 & 8 so I could attend a workshop on pollinators.

Our room at the Water Street Hotel was off the balcony on the third floor. Steep stairs lead up from the entrance - no elevator. High ceilings, old-growth wood paneling, wavy glass windows.

The weather was perfect - clear and sunny but much colder than Seattle. Thank goodness I keep a warm jacket in the emergency bag in the van.

While checking out restaurants we came across a used bookstore. I had no intention of buying anything because, really, I don't need anymore books, but then I saw:

How could I resist a "practical book for practical men"? It has wonderful schematics for plumbing for factories and institutions and is full of Useful Information like:

Weights and Measures

4 inches make 1 hand
7.92 inches make 1 link
18 inches make 1 cubit
12 inches make 1 foot
6 feet make 1 fathom
3 feet make 1 yard
5 1/2 yards make 1 rod or pole

Bookstores are an endangered species like many pollinators. This information can be found on the web and the book itself has been digitized. But without this bookstore I would never have known I wanted to see the plumbing system of a factory.

I bought this book as a birthday present for my brother.  He may have to wait a year to receive it.

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