Friday, February 15, 2013

A Girl Walks Into a Library

Sometimes it's discouraging to peruse the shelves at the bookstore or library, taking down one book after another and reading the jacket blurb wondering: Are you a good one? Will you take me on a journey to a new world or at least give me a quick ride around the block? 

Many times I can't find one to take home. Sometimes a book starts out with so much promise; the setting is vivid, the characters intriguing. And it is wonderful for 10 pages, 20 pages, half way through and then... the story veers, the characters make unlikely choices and the book falls flat. 

Other times the writing intrudes so much I can't stay in the story. This is a nice way of saying too poorly written to read

Then there is the class of disaster fiction where the story becomes horrific and no matter how well-written I skim to the end to see the outcome and am left queasy for a day or two.

Even so, I devour books, hardly stopping to digest the last before moving on to the next. It's hard to keep track. 

I've tried listing them here on the bookshelf which is at least 40 books out of date.  My latest solution is a spreadsheet. I told a friend. She said, "You have too much time on your hands."

Well, maybe. But I read so much there is no way I can remember them all or their authors. And I want to remember them, the bad as well as the good. 

There is space for title, author, what it's about and whether I liked it. I'll share the really good and bad ones here.

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