Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review Monday: The Accidental Time Traveler by Janis Mackay

A girl from another time lands in the street practically at your feet. What do you do? If you are Saul of Peebles, Scotland, you brush the snow off her and hide her at your gang’s clubhouse.

Saul promises to help Agatha, a 10 year-old time traveler from 1812, return to her own time but neither of them knows how to go about it. On top of that, Saul is in trouble at home for sneaking out and has to re-earn his parents’ trust. And even though money is tight at home, he desperately wants a bike for Christmas.

Agatha is all things Saul is not, truthful and self-sacrificing. But Saul comes up with a way to fit Agatha into modern life while trying to send her home.

Along the way he writes a history essay for a school contest (with information he learns from Agatha) and tries to avoid the neighborhood bully. 

The Accidental Time Traveler is an engaging story that could benefit from more editing. There are repetitions and some howler anachronisms in the descriptions of Agatha’s time. Did they really punch the air and shout Yes! as a sign of excitement?

Saul seems like a real boy with real problems. The other characters are not as well-defined. And this may be only a review copy problem but the stock graphics in between chapters are dreadful.

I received a review copy of this book through NetGalley.

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