Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Review: Rose and the Lost Princess by Holly Webb

Rose, the orphan who dreamed of a secure paying job as a domestic servant, is back. Spoiler alert. You really should read the first book, Rose, before reading Rose and the Lost Princess because the plot is clearly summarized at the beginning of this book.

Things have changed from the first book. Rose has discovered that she has magic. Although she is now apprenticed to her magician employer, she still wants to keep her position as second housemaid. This puts her in a difficult position with the household staff, most of whom fear and distrust magic. She has to balance between upstairs and down while exploring her growing powers.

In the city at large, people, never easy with the idea of magic, are calling for regulation of magicians. Rumors abound that magic is to blame for the snow that is falling so early and hard. Mr. Fountain suspends their lessons to deal with the unrest as conditions become even more unsettled. Rose will be put in a position to save the princess and the kingdom but not without risk to herself.

Holly Webb has written another delightful and suspenseful book with some very nice magical items that you’ll wish you could purchase for yourself. The pace of the book is brisk, almost too much so. I found myself longing to see how Rose’s magic lessons would proceed and more about her discovering the world around her. (Hint,hint, Holly, for the next book.)

See you at the Frost Fair.

I received an epub copy through NetGalley.

I have a give-away copy of Rose and the Lost Princess. Leave a comment about what you would buy at a Frost Fair (this is a real thing) and I will pick a lucky winner.

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