Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Year in Books-January 2015

I like reading craft blogs, especially written by people in countries other than my own. It's what I do before shutting down the computer for the night. I find them relaxing.

I find new blogs by following links from my current bookmarked blog list. This led me from Millefeuilles (in France, makes adorable fabric rabbits) to Circle of Pine Trees (English, bakes cakes).

I also love the various month-of and year-of challenges people come up with. So how could I resist The Year in Books? Read a book a month. Heck, I've already read eight this month and we have 18 days to go. And it comes with badge! I'm a sucker for badges.

I will be reading (actually, I'm half-way through) Flora and Ulysses, words by Kate DiCamillo, pictures by K.G. Campbell. (Why do artists get teeny tiny billing on book jackets?)


  1. Hurrah, someone else who reads a lot.... so far I have read lots of blog posts about people who struggle to read a couple of books a month and who find a challenge with one a month even a bit daunting. And here you are, wherever and whoever you are, and you've read so many books already this month. I've not read that many, only seven... eight later today. I read on average over a hundred books a year, and when I have told people this they think I'm either a lazy biddy who does nothing but read - I do lots of other things, snooze (I am getting on now in years), craft, bake, garden, did I mention snooze.... or someone with too much time and money on their hands. No comment. So hurray for you, nice to know someone else who is truly a reader.

  2. Oh Edwina, I've gotten those comments, too. If there is one thing I am truly fitted for in life it is being a reader.

  3. Hello KJ, I found you from your link on Year In Books, nice to meet you! Can I ask if that adorable desk on your header bar is yours? (Swooning). I do the Year in Books too, it's a fab link up, lots of really nice blogs and bloggers. Enjoy your books X

    1. Hi Penny,
      It's nice to meet you, too. Yes, that is my desk. I love its little cubbys and drawers. Do I spy a similar desk on your blog?

      The Year in Books is Brilliant because I know I can meet the challenge. And I can get book ideas from everyone.