Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cleaning-A Cautionary Tale

I had an accident with a steak knife on Christmas Day. It's a knife with a cover. As I was cleaning it the cover slipped off and the knife sliced my thumb. The emergency room receptionists laughed when I entered with my hand wrapped in bloody paper towels. I was the sixth person to walk in with a hand injury. 

While waiting for the anesthetic to take effect I went looking for the bathroom. I passed the intake nurse. A man was sitting in the chair holding up his hand wrapped in bloody paper towels. Unlucky number seven! 

Two stitches and a booster shot later we were back at the house where the kids had jumped in and completed dinner preparations. I had several large glasses of wine. The rest of Christmas was lovely. Don't look at the photo if you are squeamish.

Between Christmas and New Year's it turned clear and cold, perfect for a walk at Magnuson Park.

Winter Sun

Ice Sheet

Looking across Lake Washington towards Kirkland

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