Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tea rooms

Queen Mary window

Afternoon tea is so delightful. I used to ferret out tea rooms around Seattle. For a time they were all the rage. Whenever we traveled, I'd look up tea rooms to visit. I always wanted the English afternoon high tea. Bring on that food.

Recently, my daughter and I went to the Grand Dame of Seattle tea rooms, Queen Mary Tea Room. When she was little, it was a popular birthday spot. We hadn't been in years.

Sorbet first course

Crumpets, quiche, scone, sausage roll.

Little cups of carrot soup, apricot tea loaf, fruit

The waitress asked if we had any food restrictions and we said no. I wasn't thinking about fruit until I saw the plate. Sure enough, under the apples and berries lay some kiwi. After getting a scratchy tongue and throat the last time I had it, I avoid kiwi.

Cucumber sandwiches, quinoa pastry, salmon mousse on toast, two kinds of cookies.

 It is still impossibly cute. Linen napkins and floral teacups. The food was scrumptious. Through the window, we saw the shifting weather from warm sun to pouring rain. We had a lovely afternoon.

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