Monday, February 12, 2018

Make Your Own Candles for Advent (or Anytime)

We've had different Advent wreaths over the years. When the kids were young, I had a round brass one that I put on a glass plate and surrounded with greenery. Then I found this simple wooden one at a thrift shop. It is Swedish and charming and takes up very little room. 

Usually, the weekend after Thanksgiving I'd find I didn't have enough new candles: three of one color and a fourth of another, which made for a mad dash to the store before Sunday dinner.

I've made dipped and poured candles. These require the proper equipment and procedures to make safely. There was the one occasion during a class at the community center that resulted in a visit by the fire department. That is another story.

By far the easiest candles to make at home are rolled beeswax. All you need are sheets of beeswax and candle wicks.

Beeswax comes in sheets and a variety of colors. Each year I make four candles for the Advent holder. I also wanted to make two candles for some holders inherited from my aunt.

I cut the sheets into smaller sizes. If the sheets are too cool, they will crack. I lay the sheets near the heater briefly, keeping an eye on them. You don't want them to soften too much or melt.  

Lay the wick across one end of the piece and gently crimp the wax around the wick. You want a tight fit for a firm candle.

Slowly roll up from the end with the wick, keeping the edges even. If the wax cracks, gently push it back together. When you reach the end press the edge into the candle without flattening it. Roll the candle back and forth to get a nice round shape.

 If your candle holder is smaller than the candle, pinch round and round the bottom to make it smaller. 

Advent candles ready, plus two for my lovely inherited holders and some extras. Hmm, the extra candles are three different colors. Guess I'll have to buy more sheets next Advent. 

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