Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eccles cake

I had an errand over in Redmond and decided to check out the British Pantry. I've heard about it but never been before. There is a small store, restaurant and pub all connected together in a strip mall. I had thought there was a tea room but maybe that is what the restaurant encompasses.

I didn't feel like eating alone so I bought some goodies in the store. Sausage rolls, mince pie, pecan tart and Eccles cake. I love finding food I've only read about in novels. Eccles cake is a little pastry stuffed with a raisin filling. It dates from the late 16th C in Eccles, England.

One of my great-grandmothers made something like it with a cookie dough instead of pastry. This great-grandmother was of Swiss-German background. I should dig out that recipe and make it.

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