Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gilman Village

It is disheartening to see the changes over in Issaquah. The mountains to the southeast are beautiful but the little town is blighted by suburban shopping centers. That's why I am glad Gilman Village is still around. There are empty stores but also signs of new construction.

Shopping and walking among old houses is very different from the usual shopping center experience. I visited Anglomania, a store devoted to items from around the British Empire. Tempted by the dark chocolate biscuits, I contented myself with tea: Brodies Scottish Teatime and Ahmad Tea Earl Grey. The saleswoman said that several people from over the Cascades call and order the Ahmad Tea sent to them in the winter when the pass is closed.

I had lunch at the Boarding House. The menu has a range of sandwiches, soups and fresh deserts everyday. The turkey noodle soup was tasty with the unusual addition of caraway seeds. The bread was a little sweet for my taste. Desserts of the day ranged from apple crisp to brown sugar cake and tapioca pudding. The brown sugar cake was a lovely caramel color and covered with whipped cream.

Afterwards, I stopped at Grimaldi's Coffee House for iced oolong. (Full disclosure: I know one of the owners)They have Tango dancing one night a month. I'll have to go back for that

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