Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reluctant blooms

Here it is well and truly spring and all my plans are as tattered last year's blackberry leaves. I was going to pre-order plants at the King County Conservation District sale. Didn't do it. Then I was just going to go and buy whatever was available. Didn't do it. I poured over seed catalogues and plotted the vegetable garden. Yep, didn't order any.

The truth is I only want to be out in the garden if the weather is nice and I would really like a small army of minions to do my bidding.

I bought ten red-flowering currants at the KCD sale FOUR years ago. Behold the first bloom. The bush is still only three feet high.

Why is it that all the volunteer plants left by the birds and wind spring up overnight like Jack's beanstalk and the lovely natives I plant remain in suspended animation like Sleeping Beauty?

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