Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Bad to One Good.

What makes a book good? I started two books recently that I quickly realized I wouldn't like. In this situation I don't put the book down because I still have know what happens. So I find myself skimming, reading really fast. One of the books just didn't interest me (still had to read it for story) and the other was one of those "How did this ever get published?" books.  It actually had two sections where the same information was given with only a slight variation in the wording.

Two books in a row and I was discouraged until I started "Land of a Hundred Wonders" by Lesley Kagen.
The brain-damaged heroine pulled me along on her adventures in Cray Ridge, Kentucky as she tries to get Quite Right again while developing her skills as a newspaper reporter. Humor, suspense, a slimy character or two and good writing, ahh, I can slow down and enjoy the journey.

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