Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tri Training Days 8,-12: Cleaning and Destruction

Yes, still training, trained all last week but it was a very busy week with a college graduation (Yay! Micah!) and a celebratory BBQ which required major house and yard cleaning. House and yard cleaning of a deep, deep nature which hadn't been done in a while, so no time to write.

 And we discovered two bumble bee nests (yellow-faced bumble bee, and mixed bumble bee) and a nascent yellow jacket nest. We inadvertently covered up one bumble nest , almost destroyed another and purposefully destroyed the yellow jackets. They were right next to the basketball court and they are not friendly.

I skipped two training days. Really, cleaning is exhausting and time consuming. Guess which days? Yes, the ones that involved running. The magic shoes were not magic the second time and running is a torture. Soooo slow and jarring.

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