Friday, June 24, 2011

Tri Training Week 5: Unfit Beginner or Slow Fat Old Triathlete, take your pick

 Two swim days- 600 yds.  I usually breathe on the left side so I am working on breathing to the right. It is really hard.  I have to think about it every time or I get the rhythm wrong. Water also seems to fill my right ear more that the left which is a weird disorienting sensation.

Swimming continues to be a joy and easy even when trying to breathe.

Running on Thurs.- 2 min x 6! wow pretty good although the training schedule says I should be up to 15 min. straight by now. Sat. -2min x 5 since second day is supposed to be easier. Biking is a little easier. I did both bike /runs in the neighborhood so 20 min. up hill to 10 min. down. Skipped the long bike on Saturday

 I am using two books to train: Triathlon Training Basics by Gale Bernardt and Slow Fat Triathlete by Jayne Williams. The schedule is from the Berhardt book- it's the unfit beginner schedule.

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