Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tomorrow Is the Day!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the Seattle Danskin Triathlon. I stopped posting about training for several reasons. Firstly, what is there to say? Swim, bike, walk, repeat. Secondly, this has been a busy summer with barely enough time to train let alone write about it. Thirdly, I got worried- what if I blogged about it and then didn't do it? I'd feel so silly.

I had a bad patch last week when I realized the training schedule I was following was for a 1/4 mile swim when actually it is a 1/2  mile swim.  Luckily, I was training above the recommendations and have done a few 1/2 miles this week, including one in Lake Washington. I wore my paddling jacket and shorts and the water was bearable. Slow and steady, although I was glad to learn that noodles will be available if necessary.

Today was packet pick-up and bike drop-off. The info sessions were helpful because last night I started getting nervous. Jessamyn and I looked at the swim course. It looks really long.  On the bike course there is a hill at the lead-up to I-90 I'm concerned about. Also, worried about tires. I do not know how to change a tube, but there will be experts along the way to help.

I have my race number on both arms and the back of one leg and I look so cool. Triathlon here I come.


  1. Kim, this is super. Photos of you before and after, a must! I'm so impressed that you are doing this.

    Plus I LOVE the header art here.

  2. You go girl! It's so fabulous that you're doing this. I'll think of you, while being a blob in front of my computer. I'm having a working, but highly inactive summer. Good luck!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I am pretty amazed myself that I did this.