Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bumblebee down

I saw a dead bumblebee yesterday. I was hurrying to catch a bus downtown to meet Jessamyn and see a Gauguin exhibit,  so I did not stop. It is the first downed bumblebee this year, a month later that last year.

It was in the driveway of the nursing home one block over. We looked at that home for my mom but it was a mess then. They’ve since done a lot of landscaping; maybe the inside and staff are better as well. Today I grabbed a collection vial; Moggy and I walked over.  

As I expected, it had been run over by cars. I was disappointed. My collection of bumblebees was hopelessly jumbled when packed up for the great office repair. I was so disheartened and anxious about everything that I just didn’t pack carefully.

 I still have the little boxes with dates but no way to tell which bees were where. Damn. And I never made a list of species, sizes, date etc. which I could have graphed out. It might have showed some patterns. 

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