Saturday, October 25, 2014

PiBoIdMo 2014

Picture Book Idea of the Month starts in a week. I did this last year and I have never looked at the ideas I generated. I'm not even sure where the little book is or what it looks like. (Ah, a benefit of blogging, I just looked back to last November. Now, at least, I know what I am looking for.)

I like whatever-a-day-a-month things. They help you get back into regular practice. I haven't acted on much in the last year in terms of new ideas.

Summer was lost to washing and cleaning old family items that I am trying to preserve. I was exhausted every day and didn't do much else. Not even a triathlon.

Oh wait, I did do two things. I finished a book and painted a mural for a local theater company. The book is ready to go out to beta readers. The mural is posted on my painting blog.

I work in bursts and then lie fallow. That's why I like the do a thing everyday for a month. The trick is to internalize the structure and extend the activity beyond a month.

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